There’s More To Squats Than You Knew

If you’re new to squats you’re in for a bit of a surprise. The unassuming squat could be a secret weapon to success in your workout. You might become a believer when you hear all the benefits. In fact, this piece is too short to outline all of them, so here are the highlights.

are Great for General Fitness

Squats work for more than just your legs, your whole-body benefits. From core strength to improved circulation, balance and posture adding squats helps the general fitness of everyone, old or young at any stage of their road to fitness.

are Low-Impact but High-Return

It doesn’t take much to squat. If you can’t do it immediately you can get the hang of it quickly. But there is no impact on knees or ankles. In fact, squats build muscles and flexibility – adding some squats increases the effectiveness of your other exercise.


Help Burn Fat

Squats don’t have the impact of a run or bike ride, but what they can do is increase the long-term calorie burn. When you stop running, the calories burn stops, but add a few squats and the high calorie burn lasts a little longer.

Squats Right

To squat correctly your heels must be on the floor with your body balanced over them. Some people are so enamored with the power of the squat that to be sure they have the posture right they use a squat board, the aptly named smartsquat. It requires that you have the right posture and engages muscles in a way that a floor squat doesn’t.

or Not High-Tech

The real point is to include squats into your workout, regardless of how you do it. Once you start, you’ll never miss them out.

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